The Best Part

A perfect spring morning brought along the beauty of life and hope as we piled in the Honda and drove south. It misted ever so slightly, stopped, and eventually gave way to warm, gentle sunshine. Traffic was light on the way down from Mt. Pleasant and the City of Alma was either nearly vacant or […]

Ham Radio Is Still A Thing

Recently I obtained my General Class Amateur Radio License. Ham radio has always been something that was interesting to me, ever since I read a Hardy Boys novel where Frank and Joe used a shortwave radio. A few years later I read Alone by Admiral Byrd, who during his five month stay alone in the Antarctic […]

My Honda Odyssey Has Marbles Rolling Around in the Dash

We recently purchased a dark blue 2009 Honda Odyssey. So far we really have liked driving it. Clean, quiet, and smooth. The only thing that was strange was when we would drive the van around a corner – it sounded like there were marbles rolling around in the dash. There was a bit of noise […]

Summer is in The Air

Summer is coming. With only 22 days between now and the start of the summer camp season at Barakel, things are busy and exciting. In the past few weeks I’ve kept busy with work around camp and with my studies. I tried something different and took two tests in one day. The tests were: “Intro […]

A Recap

Here are some highlights in pictures of the last few weeks. I turned 21. My family visited for a weekend. Drove the Skytrak. I passed a DSST test on “The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union”. Camp got a “new” Cadillac to use for highschool weeks this summer. I got to see a limestone […]

In Like A Lion

March came in like a lion this year, bringing with it our last winter retreat here at Barakel. Snow began to fall late in the day Friday as the campers arrived and continued falling throughout the night. The snow was wet and heavy, and fell steadily. Nearly all the staff men worked around the clock […]

Good Cookies Abound

The past two weeks have passed by quickly. The previous weekend went well with couples on one side of the lake and teens on the other side. This past week started smoothly with my test Monday. I rose early, got in my Jeep and headed west to Traverse City. The test was on “Environment and […]

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Warm air and sunshine this week took a lot of our snow. Having no snow is a bummer when you run snow camp. But thankfully we retained enough to keep the tubing hill open, and had enough cold weather to keep the skating rink skate-able. It took a little manpower and ingenuity though. To counter […]

In The Thick of Winter

Daily life here at Barakel has begun to feel normal. I’m getting used to the schedules, the activities and the responsibilites. This past week I kept busy with chapel cleaning, ice-making, program work, and odd jobs. Temperatures were nice and low this week, except for on Thursday when it warmed up a bit and we […]

Shoveling, Tubing, and Ice-making

A white onslaught of snow and ice tried to hide the road as I returned back to camp midday Tuesday. I had passed my Astronomy test which I took in Traverse City that morning, and even though I was nervous about the test I did well. The roads on the way there had been clear. […]