Good Cookies Abound

The past two weeks have passed by quickly. The previous weekend went well with couples on one side of the lake and teens on the other side. This past week started smoothly with my test Monday. I rose early, got in my Jeep and headed west to Traverse City. The test was on “Environment and Humanity” and the subject material was Biology-meets-Humanities. I did well and passed the test, Praise God.

Done with my test, I drove straight home to visit with my family for the day. The sun was shining, the sky was a lovely blue, and the roads were perfectly clear, lending themselves to speedy traveling. I made it home in time for lunch. Coming home for the day after being gone for the past few weeks didn’t feel strange at all. It almost feels like I have hardly been gone.

The afternoon was spent in reading, talking with my family and relaxing. I finished reading on my Kindle a book that my dad bought me by John Piper called Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God. The book was very good and encouraged me to know God better, so that I may better love Him, through His grace. Also, my amazing mom gave me a tin filled with her fresh chocolate chip cookies to take back with me. They’re the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

As I drove back to camp that evening I realized that Barakel has become to feel like my second home. The community of people here, the woods surrounding camp, and the ministry here all make for a place where I feel I belong. This season at Barakel has been a blessing.

I plan on staying through the spring and on to summer, Lord willing. I’m excited about the possibilities. I’ll have a couple of weeks off during the spring, but other than that I’ll still be here at camp. Pray for me and the rest of the potential summer-staff as we prepare to be used by God in the lives of kids who come to camp.

This weekend we had teens on both sides of the lake camping, and they all had chapel together in the large east side chapel. We had over 330 people in that combined chapel and it was incredible to see. Pray for the campers who were here that their time was one of spiritual growth and challenge.

There are two more combined teen retreats left before the winter retreat season ends. Pray that we finish well and that camper’s lives would be changed. Also, a little fresh snow wouldn’t hurt either!

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