In Like A Lion

March came in like a lion this year, bringing with it our last winter retreat here at Barakel. Snow began to fall late in the day Friday as the campers arrived and continued falling throughout the night. The snow was wet and heavy, and fell steadily. Nearly all the staff men worked around the clock keeping pathways, roads, and ice rinks cleared.

Power was lost in the wee hours of Saturday morning. This didn’t stop camp’s activities as we have generators for Chapel and the Dining Halls, but it did result in campers having to go home early on Saturday evening instead of Sunday afternoon since we could no longer heat many of the lodges. The campers had a great time though, and I don’t think any of the campers or staff will forget the week of crazy snow and lost power.

I took the following week off to go home, see family, and to visit friends, and enjoyed going to church at home on Sunday. It was a great week. When I returned to camp I came back to summer-like weather with melting snow and clear, sunny, blue skies.

Titus Brown at Eagle Point, where we camped.

The lake was still frozen until this past Saturday afternoon when open water finally started appearing. The lake is totally clear now. March really feels like summer this year, and it’s strange. I don’t mind it though. I even camped out in Huron National Forest Friday evening and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I’ve taken two tests since I’ve last posted, both of them on history of wars: The Civil War and Reconstruction and The History of The Vietnam War. Studying war is a dark thing, but it’s good to know the past and realize the fallen state mankind is in without Christ.

Now that winter retreats are over, we are cleaning up after the winter and getting ready for the spring and summer camping seasons. Today started “spring cleaning” with all of staff being assigned to various buildings to do a deep, thorough clean. Working with a group is a nice change and makes cleaning quite enjoyable.

With everything we do at camp I keep remembering that summer is nearing, and it’s exciting. Summer brings with it campers and many opportunities to share the gospel with them. Pray for Barakel as we prepare for summer.

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