Summer is in The Air

Summer is coming. With only 22 days between now and the start of the summer camp season at Barakel, things are busy and exciting.

In the past few weeks I’ve kept busy with work around camp and with my studies. I tried something different and took two tests in one day. The tests were: “Intro to World Religions” and “Here’s to Your Health”. Although I was slightly nervous about taking two at once, I did well and passed both, praise God. I celebrated by making tacos for supper – smothered with hot sauce, of course.

This past week I spent some time working on the zipline with Jeremy Linsley. We used the Skytrak as our ladder and checked all the tightness of the clamps, and replaced worn out components. In a couple of weeks I’ll take part in zipline training so that I can help run it during retreats.

Saturday was the first co-labor work weekend of the spring and we had a good group of eighty or so volunteers come up to rake leaves and clean buildings. I spent the day raking with a jolly crew most of the day. We cleared out all the leaves around three of the lodges. I finished up the day lifeguarding as a few brave folks jumped in the lake and some people went boating. All in all it was a wonderful day of rewarding work and good fellowship with the volunteers.

Thank you all for your prayers and care! Continue to pray for the ministry of Barakel as we near a summer that will be full of oppurtunities for the Gospel to be proclaimed, and hearts to be changed. To God be the glory!