My Honda Odyssey Has Marbles Rolling Around in the Dash

We recently purchased a dark blue 2009 Honda Odyssey. So far we really have liked driving it. Clean, quiet, and smooth. The only thing that was strange was when we would drive the van around a corner – it sounded like there were marbles rolling around in the dash. There was a bit of noise when I turned the fans on high. It sounded a lot like acorns rolling around. Maybe mice liked our van too.

The seller had stored the van in a barn for a few months before selling it and apparently mice seized the opportunity to chock the vent system full of acorns.

I figured the best place to start looking for what was making the noise was to check the cabin air filter. I watched a helpful instructional youtube video, and got down to the filter. Once I went to pull out the cabin filter I realized I had hit the jackpot. Acorns everywhere with a nice mouse nest on top! Wiggling the filter, it eventually came out. Acorns fell down around where the filter sits and I picked them out one by one. I got out the Shop-vac and got everything clean and replaced the old filter with a new one.IMG_0432

Then I turned the vents on high. I heard more acorns rattling around somewhere. Rats! So I turned on the floor vents. The driver’s side floor vents started spewing out acorns. Kind of like when you put a five-dollar bill in a vending machine and get your change in quarters; they just kept coming out. I switched the vents between dash, floor, dash, floor, and out came even more. I then put the shop-vac hose end on the driver’s floor vent and sucked more out while continuing to switch the vents back and forth.

There were bits of debris in the dash vents, so I used the shop-vac on those too. Hopefully I got everything out, but I’ll be using the shop-vac more to make sure to get it all out. I’m sure driving it will rattle a couple more out.

So if you hear marbles rolling around in your dash, check for acorns! And maybe set a mouse trap or two.