In The Thick of Winter

Daily life here at Barakel has begun to feel normal. I’m getting used to the schedules, the activities and the responsibilites. This past week I kept busy with chapel cleaning, ice-making, program work, and odd jobs.

Temperatures were nice and low this week, except for on Thursday when it warmed up a bit and we lost some patches of snow. This meant that some of the ski trails had to be closed, but other than that all the activity areas kept enough snow to remain open. We even got a good blanketing throughout the weekend of the cold, fluffy flakes. At times the entire world looked like a snow globe. It was beautiful.

Both sides of the lake had teenage campers from various church youth groups. West side had the Senior-highers and East side the Junior-highers. I worked on the West side with the Seniors. The speaker for the week on the West side happened to be my uncle, Ken Pierpont. Hearing my uncle speak was a treat. He’s one of my favorite speakers. My cousins Chuck, Dan, Wes, and Hope came along with him. My uncle’s oldest son, Kyle, was also up and had brought his youth group. So it was a regular old Pierpont reunion. I hadn’t seen either Kyle or Chuck for the longest time, so it was good catching up with them and the rest of the clan over the weekend.

Sunday afternoon I went home for the first time in four weeks and was able to go to church with my family. Reuben came along and we stayed the night before leaving early the next morning for Traverse City. We brought my brother Luke with us and traveled to Northwest Michigan College for my test. “Art of the Western World” was the DSST test I took and thankfully passed. Even though the roads were a bit snowy, we made it back to camp mid-afternoon. I Praise God for more college credit and safe travels!

Luke will be hanging out with me this week and helping with the work around camp. Luke is already taller than me and he’s not afraid to work, not to mention he’s a lot of fun to be around. We got a lot of work done today with his help!

Luke and Reuben with a truckload of tubes that we moved this afternoon.

While it’s hard to believe it, this is the mid-point of the winter retreat season here at Barakel. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! Keep praying for Camp and the campers that will hear the Gospel preached this weekend. Pray that hearts will be changed and an eternal impact will be made through the camping ministry here at Barakel!

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