Sunshine On My Shoulders

Warm air and sunshine this week took a lot of our snow. Having no snow is a bummer when you run snow camp. But thankfully we retained enough to keep the tubing hill open, and had enough cold weather to keep the skating rink skate-able. It took a little manpower and ingenuity though.

To counter the loss of the snow we got a few of the guys together from around camp on Thursday, brought out two pickups and a big tractor with a snowblower and started hauling snow. The process really only took us half the day and we covered all the bald patches on the tubing runs. We went down to the RV park where we still had some good snow, blew it into the beds of the trucks, and then took it to the hill. The path up to the top of the hill was a bit icy so getting the pickups close to their destination was tricky, but with some skillful driving and sand the drivers made it.

Reuben and Lee putting down sand on the path to the hill.

The ice rink was also pretty sad looking, although it did have a solid base in spite of the weather. Friday night the temperature dropped low enough to lay down some good ice and Titus Brown and I put down a few sheets. Titus was a real trooper and stayed up late into the night making the ice smooth for the campers.

One of the projects I have worked on a little this week is the “zamboni” that we are making for the ice rink. It’s basically a tractor with two water barrels, a sprayer, and a giant squeegee to spread out the water smoothly. The zamboni is mostly together except for the squeegee part. Dan Haines helped get us started on the project by grinding away the extra metal in the way of the squeegee. Sparks flew and it looked pretty cool. Then I drilled holes for the rubber piece. All that’s left now is bolting on the rubber and seeing how it all works.

Dan Haines going all out on the metal. You can't see from this angle but he has sweet shades.

So in spite of the weather the campers seemed to have a good time. I helped out on both the thunder express Saturday in the morning, and the tubing hill on afternoon and evening. The evening runs were much faster when the temperature dropped on the tubing hill. I really enjoyed working the tubing hill and talking to the campers, and seeing their excitement as they sped down the hill. Spinning the tubers is my favorite, so I am always excited when they want to spin. I would smile when some of the younger daughters were bolder than their fathers and would spin while their dads would refuse my offers.

Even though things look a little bare around here, camp is going well and retreats all look pretty full. God is in control, so even though we want more snow, he knows whether or not we really need it!

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