We got a healthy blanket of the stuff this past weekend. The snow fell mostly late Thursday night and left a good eight inches on the ground, making everything a beautiful winter wonderland. This is what I expect of a northern Michigan winter. I love how the snow transforms and gives new life to an […]

First Retreats and Loads of Fun

Busy and exciting. That’s how I would describe this weekend. This weekend began the winter retreat season here at barakel with two retreats: College and Career on the East Side of camp, and Father and Son on the West Side. My work was mainly with the Father and Son group. Campers on both sides of […]

It has begun…

A bright sun and blue skies made the day cheery as I drove up to camp earlier this week on Tuesday. The roads were clear and made for easy traveling. I arrived at camp mid afternoon. In little more than an hour I settled my things into what will be my new home for the […]

Winter at Barakel

One week. The time until I move to Camp Barakel, where I will be living this winter. I will be joining as seasonal missionary staff. The¬†opportunity¬†to be at Camp Barakel, and to serve Christ and others in the place where “Surely God Has Blessed” really has me excited. Camp Barakel is truly a great place […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Split Wood

Why should you split wood? The main reason I split wood is because my family needs it to heat our house in the winter. In case that’s not enough motivation for you, here are 7 more reasons why you should. 1. Splitting wood is fun! Yes, splitting wood can be a lot of fun! It […]