It has begun…

A bright sun and blue skies made the day cheery as I drove up to camp earlier this week on Tuesday. The roads were clear and made for easy traveling. I arrived at camp mid afternoon.

In little more than an hour I settled my things into what will be my new home for the next few months, a placed affectionately called the “trailer” by the young guys who have lived in it during the summer as YAPs or as Seasonal Staff like me. I have two “trailer mates”: Cody and Reuben. Cody is the “old guy” who has been around and knows all the ropes. This will be his third winter season here at Barakel. Reuben is the “young buck” and is new to seasonal staff like me. I’ve known both of them for the past two years, and we all get along well.

Yesterday I enjoyed the special “staff fellowship” time with all the full-time staff and the other seasonal staff. We spent the morning singing, hearing the Bible recited from memory, then listening to the Gardener’s life story, and even shared communion as a group. I had the privilege of hearing my dad guest preach during the fellowship from 1 John 4 on the subject of loving each other. Messages like that are timeless and I know I needed to hear it. You should read 1 John 4 if you get the chance. God’s word is powerful.

The rest of yesterday afternoon I spent learning some camp procedures and then working together with Reuben on assembling some broom ball goals. That was pretty much the whole day, and after supper I made my way down to the ice rink and played a game of hockey with the numerous staff children and Cody and Reuben. My skating and hockey skills are lacking but I hope to improve them over the winter.

Reuben carefully cutting out a bowling pin.
My first full day of work was today, and Reuben and I spent it working together on a few different projects. We put foam on hockey goals, repaired and replaced “human ice bowling” pins, and learned the ropes from Lee Brown on ice fishing procedures and even augured a few holes in the lake. The ice is a healthy five inches thick, so it should be good and safe this weekend for the many campers who will want to fish.
It's ice auger time!

Campers will be arriving late in the day tomorrow, so it should be a full, busy day. I’m excited as they come. Pray that we’d be prepared and give the campers a great stay here, but most of all that they would see Christ in us as a staff.

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  1. HI Kevin, Sure enjoyed your pictures and your note, keep them coming. Stay warm and well.
    Mrs. Fishell

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