7 Reasons Why You Should Split Wood

Why should you split wood? The main reason I split wood is because my family needs it to heat our house in the winter. In case that’s not enough motivation for you, here are 7 more reasons why you should.

1. Splitting wood is fun!

Yes, splitting wood can be a lot of fun! It can be a blast to let out a war-cry and swing that axe into a big piece of wood, and send two smaller pieces flying. Fun as long as you don’t chop yourself in the shin or split your toes, of course.

2. Wood is a renewable resource.

Yeah, that. Go ahead and burn wood. Big trees produce seeds. Seeds will grow into little trees. Little trees will grow and become big trees. Big trees produce seeds. It’s a mad, endless cycle.

3. Splitting wood is a great way to get fresh air.

Ever find yourself in need of some fresh air? Splitting wood is a great way to do that. Get into an intense rhythm of splitting piece after piece, and pretty soon you’ll be sucking in plenty of fresh air (and sweating profusely).

4. Splitting wood is good exercise.

Not only are you beating wood with an axe, you’ve got to move that wood into position to split it, then stack it once it’s split. Wood is heavy, and moving wood can be a great workout.

5. Splitting wood gives you a break from technology.

Technology isn’t bad, but too much can be. It’s hard to check your Twitter, Facebook, or E-mail if you are intent on beating that stump into splinters. It can be a nice break.

6. Splitting wood will help you live longer.

Splitting wood is good exercise (reason #4). Splitting wood is a great way to get fresh air (reason #3). Exercise and fresh air is good for your health, better health means a longer life on average. So it stands to reason that splitting wood will make you live longer.

7. The time spent splitting wood can boost creativity.

Are you stumped? Focusing on a simple exerting task like chopping wood can help clear your mind. Taking a break from your work to go split a few logs can give you a creativity boost. You might even have a great idea while out there splitting.

Now go split some wood!

One thought on “7 Reasons Why You Should Split Wood

  1. I’ve never split wood before, but it sounds like you enjoy it!
    I’m not stalking you, I know your sister from Lies Young Women Believe and there was a link on that website to her blog and from hers I found yours.
    I live in Long Island, New York and I am really jealous that you live in Michigan (Just Kidding)!
    I like reading and hiking as well. My family has hiked up Mt.Washington (that was 8 yrs. ago) and that was hard for me at 9 yrs. old (we went up the hardest trail).
    I love watching the winter olympics snowboarding, but I’ve never snowboarded before.

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