Winter at Barakel

One week. The time until I move to Camp Barakel, where I will be living this winter. I will be joining as seasonal missionary staff. The opportunity to be at Camp Barakel, and to serve Christ and others in the place where “Surely God Has Blessed” really has me excited.

a few freshly fallen snowflakes

Camp Barakel is truly a great place and I have had the joy of serving there as a counselor the past two summers. Having a group of seven, eight or nine young guys to counsel and being able to lead during a week of camp is a lot of fun. It is also challenging spirtually and physically, and overall is a learning and growing experience. I love the camping ministry, and I love the ministry of Barakel, because they love the Gospel.

Camp Barakel exists to glorify God and to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Camp provides a fun, relaxing enviroment for the campers where they can enjoy being outside in Michigan’s north woods, and ultimately be challenged and renewed in their walk with Christ during chapel sessions and fellowship with other believers.

Winter as seasonal staff looks a little different than summer camper-counseling. Campers don’t come for a whole week but instead for a weekend, and there will be all ages of people coming for different retreats throughout the season. Helping mainly in the program department, I’ll aid in preparations for the coming campers during the week, and when they arrive I’ll be part of running the program.

This winter is an exciting time for me to be at Barakel, and I appreciate your prayers! A few ways that you can pray for me this winter are:

  • For strength and safety physically as I do things around camp.
  • Spiritual strength and growth while I serve.
  • My financial needs.
  • Wisdom as I continue my college studies while at camp.

Thank you so much for your prayers, already I’ve been greatly encouraged by the many people who have told me they are and will be praying for me. I plan to continue posting to this blog and keep you updated, so be sure to check back for more later!